FCC Licensing

Crosspoint Communications works closely with licensed frequency coordinators on current FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future. We feel it is important to make you aware of an FCC Licensing change that could affect your business communications, and that is the requirement to move to narrowband 12.5kHz.


Construction Notice Requirements and Information


General Information

The FCC requires all licensees operating within bands for which authorizations are issued to submit a construction notice that lets the Commission know that they have constructed and are operating the system for which they have a license. If a licensee fails to construct a frequency, fails to construct a location, fails to construct an entire license, or fails to meet a coverage requirement, the frequency, location, or license terminates automatically as of the applicable construction/coverage deadline.


A construction/coverage reminder letter is sent as a courtesy to the licensee (similar to the renewal reminder letter) and is mailed approximately 90 days before the buildout deadline. To notify the FCC that a construction/coverage requirement was met, you must file the Required Notification application via ULS, no later than 15 days after the deadline.


Extension Request

Licensees may request a waiver to extend a construction or coverage period by filing a Request for Extension of Time application via ULS and attaching the waiver request. The application must be filed BEFORE the expiration of the construction or coverage period. This application does not automatically extend the construction/coverage period.


Notifying the FCC

Log into ULS License Manager using your FRN and password. Detailed information on filing instructions can be found here, on the FCC’s website. Filing a paper form is an option only for applicants applying in one of the private radio services, however the FCC strongly suggest licensees file applications and fees electronically. If the license is authorized in a radio service that requires an application fee, you must also complete the FCC Form 159 Remittance Advice form. For information on application fees, refer to the Wireless Fee Filing Guide.


Buildout Deadlines and Notification Dates

Construction/coverage deadlines are printed on the FCC authorization license if issued by ULS. The buildout deadline and buildout notification dates can also be found using ULS License Search. The deadline is the date by which a licensee must meet the specific construction or coverage requirement. The buildout notification date is the date the licensee notified the FCC it met its construction or coverage requirement.


My license was terminated. Can I get it back?

No. If your license has been terminated, you will need to seek new channels and begin the licensing process again.

For more information feel free to contact us or visit the FCC’s website.


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